To award credits as a jointly accredited organization, please follow these guidelines:

  • IPCE Credit: Jointly accredited providers may include the following credit mark and statement with their interprofessional continuing education activities in addition to the Joint Accreditation statement. The IPCE credit designation should only be used for activities that have been planned by and for the healthcare team. For activities that are focused on a single profession, for example, medicine, nursing, or pharmacy, jointly accredited providers should designate that appropriate credit. Use of the IPCE credit is optional but will serve to highlight to your learners that the activity has been planned by and for the healthcare team.

The IPCE credit mark and statement of credits can be included on certificates of participation or other meeting material as determined by the jointly accredited provider.

"This activity was planned by and for the healthcare team, and learners will receive (INSERT #) Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) credit for learning and change."

Joint Accreditation Criteria require that IPCE reflect practice-based needs and utilize the educational modality most appropriate to the expected results. Activities may be designed to allow learners to participate at their own pace and/or over a period of time. Therefore, IPCE credits should be calculated by the jointly accredited provider based on the estimated time allotted for the education. The jointly accredited provider may establish a reasonable estimate of the hours of engagement for the educational activity.

Download the IPCE credit mark

This mark is also available in higher resolution format, black & white, and grayscale. Please email if you would like to recieve the mark in two different formats.

For more information, please see this information page.

  • CE credit must be determined in a logical and defensible manner. CE credit is awarded to participants for those portions of the educational activity devoted to the learning and experience and time spent evaluating the activity. Educational activities may also be conducted "asynchronously" and CE credit may be awarded at the conclusion of the activities. Time frames must match and support the CE credit calculation for live activities. For enduring materials, print, electronic, Web-based, etc., the method for calculating CE credit may include but is not limited to a pilot study, historical data, or complexity of content.
  • CE credit may not be awarded retroactively except in the case of a pilot study. Participants in a pilot study assist in determining the length of time required for completing an education activity in order to calcuate the number of CE credit hours to award. Those participants may be awarded CE credit once the number is determined.
  • When calculating CNE (continuing nursing education) credit, time may be rounded down but may not be rounded up. For instructions on awarding ANCC credit, please refer to the ANCC Primary Accreditation Provider Application Manual free e-Book on ANCC's website.
  • When awarding CPE (continuing pharmacy education) credit, jointly accredited organizations must utilize the online submission of activity and participant information via CPE Monitor™. For instructions on awarding ACPE credit, please refer to Guidance for Jointly Accredited Providers to Award ACPE Credit document on the Joint Accreditation website.
  • When awarding CME (continuing medical education) credit, jointly accredited organizations must comply with the requirements established by the credit system, e.g., AMA PRA Category 1 Credit, AAFP Prescribed Credit, ACOG Cognates. For instructions on awarding AMA PRA Category 1 Credit, please refer to the AMA PRA Credit System informational page.
  • When awarding AAPA Category 1 CME credit, jointly accredited organizations must comply with the requirements established by AAPA. Please see the following Format-Specific Guidelines document for instructions on awarding AAPA Category 1 CME credit.
  • When awarding COPE credit, jointly accredited organizations must comply with the requirements established by COPE. Please see the following Awarding COPE Credit document and COPE Required Provider Information for instructions to award COPE credit.


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